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Goodnight My Love Mixed Media - FRAMED, Signed

Goodnight My Love Mixed Media - FRAMED, Signed

$ 8,000.00

$ 8,000.00

Shipping in US is Always Included in the Price!

  • Approx 40" x 48" Framed size Sketch on paper
  • (Sizes may vary slightly)
  • De La Nuez creates the look of crumpled notebook paper as a backdrop for the artwork
  • Mixed media; varies depending on each piece but all utilize oil pastels

    *Each sketch will vary slightly creating uniqueness so it may not be 100% matching the photo, although the art image and basic colors will remain the same.

    • Quality Black linen liner and matte black frame to compliment the art
    • Hand Signed 

    -Made Upon Ordering: Approx 2-3 weeks depending on artist's schedule at time you place it

    -Art is shipped Freight & will require a delivery signature


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