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Bubble et Nelson De La Nuez : entre Pop Art et Pop Horlogerie

Paris Match |Charlotte Anfray
Nelson De La Nuez

Alliant une énergie créative à un esprit rebelle, les montres Bubble permettent à Corum d’enfreindre les règles de l’horlogerie de luxe et de créer une langue propre à cette gamme. La marque donne carte blanche à des artistes pour refaçonner une collection à leur image, invitant cette fois-ci l’Américain Nelson De La Nuez, le King of Pop Art, à imaginer un ensemble de modèles exclusifs. A consommer sans modération. 

Tout bien réfléchi, une seule question se pose… Pourquoi Corum et Nelson De La Nuez n’ont pas noué de partenariat plus tôt, tant il semblait inévitable que leurs deux mondes finiraient par se rencontrer. Jérôme Biard, PDG de Corum, s’en est d’ailleurs étonné alors qu’il visitait une galerie d’art : « Nelson De La Nuez est l’un de ces artistes qui s’affranchissent des tendances, créent leur propre univers en s’inspirant de leur environnement et parviennent constamment à innover ». En offrant au King of Pop Art la possibilité de créer cette nouvelle collection, Corum se démarque une fois de plus, non pas en s’imprégnant simplement de chefs-d'œuvre mais en faisant de ses montres Bubble de véritables œuvres d'art.

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Actuellement en cours d’élaboration, la collection intégrale Corum Bubble de Nelson De La Nuez sera dévoilée au public à l’occasion de l’Art Basel de Miami en décembre 2017. Les œuvres du King of Pop Art ont su trouver leurs places parmi certaines des collections privées les plus importantes appartenant à des acteurs, réalisateurs, producteurs, comédiens, entreprises et amateurs d’art. Régressive et colorée, cette nouvelle montre saura mettre un peu de bonne humeur au cœur de l’hiver.

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Nelson De La Nuez Original Mickey on Wood Aspen Gallery 1949


King of Pop Art: Nelson De La Nuez Celebrates at Bagatelle L.A.

Favorite artist of Celebrities pops Moët for his birthday

Pop Artist Nelson de la Nuez
Pop Artist Nelson De La Nuez (Photo: Leo Kalidi Pix)

Bottles of bubbly, Pop Rocks and Pop Art reigned supreme at Nelson De La Nuez’s birthday, with guests including Taylor Dayne, Wendy Burch, Kiki & Peggy VanDeWeghe, Haley Herst and Rebecca Mayer.

After selling three original hand-painted pieces to Michael Jackson, Mr. De La Nuez was dubbed the ‘King of Pop Art’ years ago. The artist explained, “It was the media and TMZ that actually came up with that. I was on TMZ literally two weeks before Michael died, and the headline read ‘King of Pop’ Buys From ‘King of Pop Art.’”

Mr. De La Nuez’s clientele includes Sarah Jessica Parker, who recently added a piece of his work to her collection in New York. On average, a large one of a kind unique sells for $30,000 with one-off originals starting around $65,000 to $105,000 depending on the size and media.

“People who buy my work are well travelled and educated,” he said. Mr. De La Nuez’s ‘Material Girl’ collection features cheeky sayings like ‘Darling I Only Fly First Class’—appealing, of course, to the wealthy one percent he knows as his market. “It’s these people who fly into Aspen on their G4, and they resonate with that lifestyle,” Mr. De La Nuez added.

Interested buyers can find the King of Pop Art’s work at his galleries, on his website, or—locally—at the Hubert Gallery on Madison Avenue in New York.

“I don’t create art just to create art. I create art, because I know the audience,” he said.

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'King Of Pop Art' Nelson De La Nuez Celebrates Birthday Bash At Bagatelle Los Angeles

Pop was the name of the game as Bagatelle Los Angeles threw the "King of Pop Art" Nelson De La Nuez a private VIP birthday bash.

The well-known lively dining destination was transformed into a living work of art featuring De La Nuez's many eye catching and iconic pop culture pieces as guests met the artist and indulged in delicious appetizers and the aptly named specialty cocktail "Pop a Toast" by mixologist Rony Gonzalez made with Toast Vodka, Lime, Simple Syrup, Peychaud bitters and garnished with cucumber wheels and a basil leaf.  Also on hand were Moet & Chandon Champagne for the bubble lovers.
A few notable guests included singer Taylor Dayne, Channel 5's Wendy Burch, Fox LA's Haley Herst, Lisa Breckenridge and Maria Sansone , "The Fablife's" Rebecca Mayer, Vanessa and Chris Spencer, author Donna Antebi, Kiki & Peggy VanDeWeghe, Bravo star and jewelry designer Jannik Olander and Disney star Matt Timmons.

Nelson De La Nuez Bagatelle interior design pop art king of pop art

 Nelson De La Nuez sponsors alcohol Moet Toast vodka


Admit it. There was a time when you thought that a framed poster of Monet’s Waterlilies or movie poster from The God Father was art. Then you had kids, and a scribble on the back of the utility bill became art. Well, Lil Mamas had the chance to view some pretty spectacular art that puts your three year old to shame.

At a fun filled night out, we interviewed Nelson De La Nuez, the “King of Pop Art.” We also sampled some tasty treats and enjoyed Toast Vodka cocktails and Moet & Chandon champagne.

Photo credit: Leo Kalidi Pix    Photo credit: Leo Kalidi Pix
Photo credit: Leo Kalidi Pix
red carpet nelson de la nuez celebrity king of pop art

De La Nuez is one of the world’s most collected and significant pop artists today. A favorite of movie stars, directors, comedians, and collectors, De La Nuez blends pop culture and surrealism to create unforgettable works of art that are both nostalgic and provocative. When asked about advice for parents who have children with an interest in art, De La Nuez said, “Being an artisit is like being a kid! You almost have to see things the way kids do. So relate with them on their level and help them keep that ‘kid’ vision.“ We loved that, cause really we could all use a little ‘kid’ vision sometimes.

The event was held at Bagatelle. The two tiered, swank restaurant was a perfect venue to showcase De La Nuez’s colorful art. As The Lil Mamas walked the room to admire each piece, we found ourselves repeatedly saying, “I want to buy that one!…no no wait…that one. Oh my god! Did you see this one?” The message of almost every piece resonated in some way with us, making us laugh and nod our head knowingly.

Nelson De La Nuez Beach Baby humor art interior design nightclub STK Bagatelle
Lest we forget the food and drink. Thick cut truffle fries, mini wanton ice cream cones filled with tuna tartar, and flatbread with arugula…need we say more? And in case you were wondering if there is a gluten free vodka…there is…no seriously…there is. Toast Vodka is gluten free and made with coconut water. It’s the most LA vodka we have ever heard of…but not gonna lie…pretty yummy.

Art, truffle anything, and gluten free vodka…Talk about a kick ass #MAMA night out!

You can see why we’re fans of Nelson De La Nuez here:
Loved his art, loved hanging out with him and his wife Stacy, and can’t wait till we can get one of his pieces for ourselves. You’re gonna want one (or 4) too.

XO,The Mamas

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Young affluence and prolific artist generate art boom in Aspen



January 28, 2016

Aspen Gallery Guide Nelson De La Nuez

Aspen Gallery Guide Nelson De La Nuez

The city of Aspen, CO is undergoing something of an art renaissance, led by “The King of Pop Art” Nelson De La Nuez.

The artist’s work sell for a minimum of $30,000 with mixed media works often fetching anywhere from $65,000 to a staggering $105,000. With Aspen now among the most desirable resort towns in the United States and a corresponding increase in real estate, other affluent habits and interests are also catching on.

“Aspen is huge now,” said Stacy Bell, creative director of Pop Land Studios, Mr. De La Nuez’s studio. “Starting Dec. 25, all of the celebrities and wealthy vacationers with second homes flock there and love the art scene.

“His art sells well in every market we sell in, but the very best ones are the high end, well educated, well traveled, which include Silicon Valley as well as the Hamptons,” she said. “He has many clients in both places and has clients who fly out on their private jets from any location for his gallery shows or special events.”

Heating up in Aspen
Gallery 1949, a local gallery, has acquired a number of Mr. De La Nuez’s original paintings, which will and have been showing to the public. Often his originals are sold to private collectors, making this perhaps the only chance to see some of the works before they are snatched up.

Chanel #5 Nelson De La Nuez press luxury art Aspen
“Chanel N°5 Pink with Newsprint,” by Nelson De La Nuez

His style combines the pop art, whose most famous practitioners include Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, with the Surrealism pioneered by artists including Salvador Dali. The blend results in a satirical yet accessible selection of works that often take pop culture as their subjects, including widely known luxury items such as iconic perfumes and handbags.

As per the release, Mr. De La Nuez stands out from many successful studio artists, who often relinquish painting duties to studio assistants after achieving high enough renown. Mr. De La Nuez’s unwillingness to conform to the norm has led to a high demand that the artist struggles to satiate.

Mr. De La Nuez has had success for quite some time. He sold several works of art to pop megastar Michael Jackson just before his death; his luggage and fashion items, sold out department stores including Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s; his fans and collectors include movie stars and notables such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Seth MacFarlane, Carrie Fisher and Diane Warren.

Classic Birkin resin on wood
“Classic Birkin” resin on wood, by Nelson De La Nuez

Still, the transformation of Aspen into a hub for young retirees, remote workers and second homes, is thanks in large part to the tech boom’s creation of young wealth in nearby Silicon Valley, CA and Seattle.

With the increase in affluence in Aspen, it follows that hobbies, including art collecting, will also enter the city. Indeed, Modern Luxury’s Aspen Magazine also publishes a supplemental “gallery guide” for the city’s art collectors. One of Mr. De La Nuez’s works made the cover of Aspen Magazine's 2015/winter 2016 issue.

Gallery 1949 showing Nelson De La Nuez's work
Gallery 1949, showing Nelson De La Nuez’s work

Art and luxury
An influx of young wealth thanks to the booming tech industry has shaken up real estate in recent years.

As the global economy continues to grow, more cities are experiencing booms in luxury real estate, according to a new report by Coldwell Banker NRT.

In the United States metropolitan areas like Seattle, Atlanta, Houston and Dallas, TX are emerging as affluent hubs, but so are resort towns like Colorado’s Vail and Aspen. In addition to international economic expansion, the rise of new markets can be partially attributed to young affluents that have a greater degree of freedom in choosing where to live.

Luxury brands often try to cultivate a link between the meticulous craftsmanship of their products and art, meaning that art is never far from the products the affluent gravitate toward.

From fashion boutique gallery displays to ridesharing yacht applications, Art Basel Miami Beach has become a sanctuary for luxury brands looking to make an impression on discerning affluents and art enthusiasts.

Held on the weekend of Dec. 3-6, Art Basel Miami Beach, a contemporary and modern art fair, gathers artwork from 267 galleries based in North America, Latin America, Asia, Europe and Africa. Alongside gallery exhibitions, performances and film screenings, luxury brands stage events and exclusives to further their interactions with Art Basel’s wealthy crowds, who have a penchant for artwork and experiential happenings. De La Nuez's art sells out every year at the Art Basel Miami.

Mr. De La Nuez’s work is both accessible and varied, helping to sustain its popularity.

“People can relate to the themes, it’s pop culture,” Ms. Bell said. “He doesn’t just have one thing he paints; he loves all pop Americana and the idea of juxtaposing luxury lifestyle themes with vintage memories.”

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Aspen Magazine Cover:
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Aspen, aspen magazine, ski, king of pop art, nelson de la nuez, king of pop, pop art, gallery 1949

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Private Air Luxury Homes Magazine October 2015

Click here to see magazine/read online or read below -2 pages-See p 48, 50
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Private Air Luxury Homes Magazine Past Issue:
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Travel Goods Magazine:

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