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For any orders of hand painted or mixed media (canvas or sketches) art for the holidays, the order deadline is Nov 29-30 depending on item(s)-

Order all Framed prints by 12/4 (Framing takes 1 week)
Order all Unframed Prints by: 12/10
shipping deadline for Fedex Ground is 12/13 to allow 4-5 shipping-

We cannot be held responsible for shipping changes or delays-we will ship by a specified date.

-No refunds once orders are placed. If we ever offer discounts (codes) & you fail to apply the discount, we cannot retroactively apply it...we will incur fees so, be sure you use it.

NOTE: Your credit card statement will read either: KingofPopArt or Art Juxtaposed on it for the charges from this site.

*Shipping is INCLUDED in prices shown on this site within the US only 
If you have special requirement such as appt. deliveries (which some areas don't offer) or special arrangements that require an extra fee, we will charge for that upgrade accordingly but it can be arranged in advance.
The shipping included is standard FedEx Ground, USPS Priority and Freight arrangements for over sized art. Any rush orders will be quoted additionally.

-We currently do not ship smaller prints outside the US at all
We do ship larger pieces internationally but they require a quote and/or your personal shipping account before purchasing. Please email or call.

-Please email us with your shipping address and the exact artwork you'd like/size so we can properly quote unless you have a shipping account we can use, which we do prefer and may request to use for duties/taxes part of the shipment regardless.
You are responsible for any extra fees due if you are outside the US and you actually purchase art via our website which is only for US direct purchase. You must call or email us for purchasing internationally.

Due to the fact that this artwork is created and painted upon order and any art that is possibly available at the time will be removed for sale (paintings), full payment is required at the time order is placed.

Your ordered artwork must be paid for upon ordering either by check or credit card. We accept Visa and MasterCard and have just started accepting American Express again. Your credit card billing address must match your billing exactly or it declines it.  
If you'd like to pay with a check, we will wait to fill the order until the check has been received and cleared by the bank.
All orders ship from CA, so any orders shipping to a CA address will be charged CA sales tax.

*Please call 805-583-5060 if you have questions or prefer to give a credit card over the phone.

Definitions of De La Nuez Artwork Types and Styles:
The first one; Not a reproduction or derivative but possibly what reproductions can be made from. An original however for this purpose is usually considered a "one-off" or the only one existing. The artist's originals are rare and sell quickly, but we have a few put aside for investor collectors that request them and galleries so please inquire or place your name on a list and when they become available, we will contact you.
Most of his original are created on wood panels or canvas with a wide variety of
3 D media.

One of a Kind / Unique Paintings:
Not the same as "original" above. The original paintings (above) sell for approx $65-$150k depending on size and media.
Each "unique" painting, if ever the concept is done more than once-- although a similarity within the "main" concept or character will remain throughout, each will have it's own distinct quality that sets it apart from another.
Any "one of a kind" unique paintings are exactly that--they are each hand painted mixed media so, simply by the pure nature of the hand painting process--each piece will be different in colors, media used, etc...
Some paintings, however, vary drastically- more so than others, as called for by the artwork itself and the artist's decision on colors, graffiti, newsprint, etc...needed to give each it's proper look.
Example: Take the Money & Run or a Material Girl paintings which all have constant new background newspapers and ads, images in each background...they are not alike. As a result, it is literally transformed into an entirely new work of art, hence, a one of a kind.

Definition of unique: unusual or special in some way
We try and switch out images on the website as often as possible to show the newest version with the new backgrounds, colors, etc but they do not always get switched out online immediately. Sometimes they will just be marked as Sold Out also. If there are any questions regarding the artistic process, please ask before purchasing and we can guide you toward the proper artwork.

Limited editions:
Numbered Editions can range anywhere from 25-500 depending on the artwork and if it's painted or not. Most are always hand signed and are often numbered on the back-
Almost all of the De La Nuez resins on wood are editions of 75-125 and have the certificates on the back.
All editions start high and count down to the lower # so, as we get lower in #'s, the pricing will increase as the value increases. The pricing most likely will increase after each group of 25 or 50, depending on the edition size. After the edition is fully sold out- no more of that same edition will be made. AP's may be available or owned by the artist.

We are very particular about the galleries we sell the Nelson De La Nuez artwork to that is allowed to resell the art. They are all very prestigious, high end galleries. If the work is ever found in other sources or online at secondary markets--we cannot always control those situations although we will stop selling to anyone we believe is undervaluing any work or misrepresenting the art or the artist. The artist's values have increased dramatically over the past few years and we work with our galleries to retain the utmost integrity for all client's and their purchases to reassure that it's a great investment and sound purchase.
If you find artwork that appears to be too inexpensive/"too good to be true,"-it's possible it's not authentic. There are many cheap auction houses nowadays that you cannot trust online. Be careful. Buy from a reputable gallery or direct from our studios.


We do not accept returns or exchanges on any artwork or other products, including books, once it has been purchased unless it is damaged. We package and ship all artwork very well to ensure that there will be no damages, but if this happens to occur, please contact us within 5 days.
In the rare case your artwork is damaged during shipping: Please notify us within the 5 days after the ship date of your art, so we can take the proper steps.  PLEASE keep the original packaging--USPS,UPS or FedEx require it in order for us to file a claim.
We will either see if the art is repairable or replace the item for the same item only.

Most of the art is created at the time you place your order--it is made to order (the painted pieces)- we do not already have it made and ready to ship. This is why, once you place the order, it cannot be altered or cancelled--Much of it is also one of a kind hand painted and requires the dedicated time of the artist to paint your unique piece.

Please ask any questions prior to placing the order.
Any custom orders in particular: (Such as "The Lonely Hearts Club Band"with photos added or thought bubble changes)--it is the client's full responsibility to furnish the artist with all necessary photos/images to finish the artwork--no refunds will be made if you do not give him these images. It is up to you to follow through and your artwork will then be finished accordingly in the promised time frame..  
If, after 12 months time from payment/order of art, we have not yet not received the proper images, the price of your piece may increase in cost at the market value the next year, which can vary greatly. It is up to the client to be prompt to get any custom images to the artist as requested in the proper format and file.

Fulfillment/Turnaround Time:
Our 17"x22" signed prints are printed made to order-we do not keep stock of these.
The usual processing time for unframed prints is 48 hours (2 business days) to fill the order and then ship to you. 
The framing process is custom and will take approx 1 week to frame after the print is created/signed--please let us know if there is any rush because this is the usual timing for framing. Allow for shipping time as well.

Please specify in comments section of order if you'd like a card enclosed and what to be written on it if for a gift recipient. Remember they may not know who it's from. Let them know!

You can reach us at 805-583-5060, during our business hours of 11:30-7 pm (CA Pacific time).
All prices are subject to change. Prices on this site stay consistent with current retail galleries and real market value pricing.

*Please note to purchase small humor prints or frames for small prints see: site

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