Bring Home the Bacon Print

$ 275.00

Signed Fine Art Print, Custom Framed or Unframed
Framed sizes -  Small or Large- see below:

  • 17"x 22" is the paper size for the unframed print;
    We do not ship the larger prints unframed 

Final Framed sizes & differences-
Approximate sizes only:
         *SMALL sizes are as follows:

  • Square images framed- Approx  22.5"x 22.5"
  • Rectangle images approx            27" x 23"
    *All small print sizes have the title and signature underneath the image on glossy paper

    *LARGE sizes are as follows:
    (Framed images -refer to frame colors on small print photos)
  • Square images framed- Approx 33.5"x 33.5"
  • Rectangle images- Approx         33.5"x 41"-45" (depends on image size)
    All large print sizes are on white archival fine art paper-no title but with signature

      You cannot change the layout

      • Archival inks and paper, acid free, fine art print for vibrant colors; signed
      • UV-Protectant Premium Plexiglass with beautiful matte finish
      • Choose 3/4" black or white frame 
        See photos for examples as shown in small size of images in frame colors
      • Remember that Shipping is included in all prices!
        (Unframed prints are shipped flat.)

      The framing process can be difficult and expensive...
      let us make it easy and painless for you.

      • All in one custom framing--make it an easy frame and matting decision, as chosen by the artist himself to best reflect the art.
      • Comes with UV-Protectant plexiglass, ready to hang even with the hardware & nail included! Why wait?
        It will arrive ready to make your walls happy and fill their empty spaces
      • Hint:
        Cleaning your Artwork/Caring for Plexiglass: Anything that is ammonia based, like Windex, will ruin plexiglass. Alcohol based agents can also damage it...For a quick clean you can use a clean, wet, cloth with very mild dish detergent to clean smudges. Otherwise, a damp clean cloth/microfiber is great to wipe off dust.


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