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Collaboration Series: "Destiny" Canvas

$ 6,000.00

$ 6,000.00

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mixed media limited edition canvas: hand embellished-

      38"x38" Editions of 75  

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Exciting collaboration:

...a meeting of the minds of creative efforts to bring together an entirely new, unique art series by two creative powerhouses and a power couple..

Nelson De La Nuez,

the world renown pop artist, lends his visual artistry, impeccable design and eye for color to the new collection while his wife, Stacy, who is usually behind the scenes, is the creative writer, female mind and inspiration behind the motivational, thoughtful and often edgy, quirky phrases of this collection.

Stacy De La Nuez-

The Inspiration:
The idea for this collection and many of the phrases that I decided on came from wanting to inspire people to grab life by the balls and live it.
To not be afraid; to be able to say "I am fabulous as f*ck" and mean it.
Life can be tough but so can we. I wanted to put a fun, wonderful, inspirational twist with an edge on it all.
Sort of like an extra dirty martini.
Have fun-enjoy your life..laugh at it along the way

Stacy comes from a background as a professional, published freelance writer for magazines, newspapers, columns and press/publicity with BA degrees in broadcast journalism and public relations. She also spent 21 years in the entertainment business, working in the creative industry.
I am launching a new site soon with new art collections such as this and products relating to this state of mind.
It's called Fabulous and Humble.
No matter your age, sexuality, beliefs...whatever you want in life-don't apologize for who you are. Go get what you want and forget about the people who don't understand you.
Love your, shop, dance, travel, work hard, love, do it all and do it with no regrets. You can be fabulous and humble. --Stacy